Wassime Chaabane

Waste Management and Resource Efficiency Consultant / Strategic Planning Trainer

Environmental Specialist with over 6 years of experience in environmental management and local development in the Middle East and North Africa. Experience covers different functions with the private, public sectors and the international cooperation, supported by strong communication and report-writing skills in addition to being fluent in Arabic, French, English and German.


  •  Excellent communication as well as creative skills.
  •  Managerial, organisational and leadership skills, ability to take over as leader;
  •  Competences and skills to use the computer: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, etc)
  •  Countries of work experience include Tunisia, Germany, Turkey, Spain, Jordan, Italy, Algeria and Poland.


  • Skype   : wassim CHAABANE
  • LinkdIn : Wassime CHAABANE  
  • E-mail   : chaabane.wassim@gmail.com
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