Osama Kanan

Master trainer in positive dicsipline, International trainer and TOT trainer

Experience coveres different fonctions with different International organisations like Save The Children, USAID and the Community Development Committee CDC (work under UNRWA umbrella). 10 years of practical experience in training special for life skills, Drama, training and session provider, Self-Care, Stress Management Psycological support sessions trought using  (Acting, Sport and Art) as a tools for deferent types of beneficiaries with local and international foundations, child and youth resilience, Initiatives, positive Discipline training for parents, Business Development and Conflict Management Training with targeted youth, Youth Initiatives, Children and Staff .

Skills :

  • Soft Skills
  • Communication and presentation Skills : strong verbal communication and able to communicat effectively with a key stakeholders, particularly young people.
  • Advocacy
  • Leadership Skills
  • NGOs Management

Contact Information:

  • Email: Osama.k.85@gmail.com
  • Mobile: 00962788201259
  • FB: Osama Kanan
  • Skype: Osama Kanan
  •  inst: Osama Kanan
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