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The e-Learning Graduate Certificate Program provides specialized knowledge in instructional design and e-Learning practices that utilize current and emerging technologies to meet education and training goals in government, industry, and non-profit organizational settings. Individuals seeking to enhance their e-Learning skill set grounded in instructional design best practices are encouraged to paticipate.


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The student must answer all QUIZ in order to have the certificate. To pass and get the certificate, the student must have at least 75%. In order to encourage students to work better, they can get a certificate with very good honors if they reach more than 85%. To enrich knowledge, several renferences will be availble. Very easy process to pass exams, after studying pedagigic materials, just click on QUIZ and answer the question knowing that only one answer is right.

Free online learning has grown in popularity in recent years and  now being offered all over the world and are seen as a widely recognized way of adding extra credibility to your CV and education portfolio.

We continue to seek fresh and innovative ways to learn so that our students have the best choice of study options to meet their academic needs and personal circumstances. Our free online courses make higher education accessible for everyone and allow you to experience how online learning at Derby works.

High quality standards are an essential part of our university core values; every course we offer, free or otherwise, will always be worth your time and effort.

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