BADO organization for marine and wildlife conservation

BADO organization for marine and wildlife conservation

Success story

The city of Zwarah is located in the Northern west of Libya, bordering Tunisia. It is a coastal city mostly famous by Farwa’s protected area. This wetland represents a key area for nesting water birds and several other important plants and animals’ species. The coast of Zwarah is also an important nesting site for sea turtles in the south Mediterranean. Despite this biodiversity and historic richness, this area is exposed to many threats and degradation, mainly caused by the chemical complex of Boukamech and the impact of the urban sprawl on its ecosystems.


In response to the conservation of the zone, an association called Bado Environmental Organization for Marine and Wildlife Conservation has been created as an initiative from the local environmental activists. The organization aims to conserve the biodiversity and raise environmental awareness among the different social categories.  Although the organization’s founders believed that they must unite their efforts in order to achieve their goals, the work of the organization, as said by Mr Chokri Dhan, the chair, was still limited until they join the project “Enabling Libyan NGOs to Shape the Future of The New Libyan Democracy”. This project was funded by the European Union and MAVA foundation, executed by the World Wildlife Fund for Nature in North Africa.    The project made a crucial change on the efficient of organization’s work during the participation.

The way from administration to leadership

Since receiving an invitation to participate in the capacity building program, the organization, represented by its different members and specialists, has attended the whole training workshops which were held in Tunisia despite the hardship of land and air travelling and most importantly the local insecure situation. Through this program expanded over one year in which more than 30 days of training presented on six main axes considered as pillars for civic successful work.   

From there started the change, where the organization had adopted a ambitious smart politics, build on scientific bases, structured tools and goals, Taking advantage of the content presented during the training program. 

By the development, the internal organisation,  the restructuration, the setting up of strategies and work plans,  the effective outreach  and the projects development (in order to ensure financial sustainability of the NGO), the board of BADO organization follow a platform of action that allowed them to achieve exceptional results.  Specially with raising the environmental awareness among the local community and threatened species conservation. BADO has become a model of success in Libya and outside. It adopts, since the participation in this project, the principles of successful NGO which is based on transparency, building trust between members and the sharing of responsibilities.

The organization hosted, in the end of June 2018, in partnership with The Environmental General Authority EGA and BirdLife International organization, field training for students from the University of Tripoli. The participants were impressed by the good organisation, the structure and the activities of BADO.

During the summer of 2018, the organization established a program for sea turtles’ conservation in addition to organizing several awareness activities for tourists. The success achieved this year has been noted, according to the members, as exceptional, specifically since the local population started communicating with the organization when they registered sea turtles deaths or hatching in the shore of Zwarah. 

In parallel with the implementation of the action program, the project continued to support  the organization through the assignment of an expert which was charged to accompany the organization in the development of proposals within the call launched by the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund CEPF. The organization received 20000 USD, as financial support, to implement a project with fishermen in Farwa Island.

Members of BADO were also able to meet several donors and therefore submit project proposals, and all of this was due to different meetings organized between the organization and foundations through the project during training workshops held in Tunisia. The organization received two funds and it also participated in the development of a regional project in partnership with Tunisian Association “Notre Grand Bleu” and Barbaros Association from Algeria.

Networking and Building partnership

In order to disseminate knowledge, Bado has organized a training on “Organizational development of Environmental NGOs” in Zwarah during October 2018, in which three local NGOs have participated. This training was judged as a successful session. Different types of Media covered the event among them the 218 Libyan Chanel. The organization has been honoured for the activities implemented during 2018.

Open up to the outer periphery and partnership with local and public authorities

Through the recommendations of the international trainers that conducted the capacity-building program, the organization was able to attract local stakeholders such as the municipal council and security bodies.  Local authorities supported the organization during the implementation of different field campaigns. And according to Mr Chokri Dhan, the president of BADO, “Among the great accomplishments of the NGO is its special participation in the Sea Turtles Conservation Program of 2017 and 2018 leaded by the EGA, since their contribution in the program was more structured and effective based on good organisation and the sharing of the responsibilities.  In addition to that, the team in charge of the implementation of the campaign, registered data and compared them with the ones from previous years in order to improve the productivity. He also added that the organization has been involved with the crises committee of Zwarah, and it was charged with preparing three work plans and budgets to protect monuments against climate change threats. The organization also started operational work and managed to protect this monument. The organization also exercised pressure on different governmental bodies in order to provide financial resources for this issue”.

The organization joined the Libyan Union for Environmental Libyan NGOs and it contributed enormously in the creation of this network, also it plays a crucial role in the establishment of its status.⇒ this is project funded by European Union    

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